The 5 points in the Herald today

Sarah McGinnis writes about our Goenchi Mati Movement in the Sunday Herald Review today. She also explains the five points at the core of our movement:

  1. Minerals are owned by the people & the state is only a trustee on behalf of the people and future generations
  2. Minerals are inherited assets and we are merely custodians for future generations
  3. If we mine, we must ensure Zero Loss mining. In other words, we must get the full value of the mineral, otherwise we are cheating our children and future generations
  4. We must save everything we receive from mining in the Goenchi Mati Permanent Fund, otherwise the fund value will be lower than the minerals we inherited
  5. Any income from the Permanent Fund, after inflation, must be distributed only to the owners, the people. This is a right of ownership, a Citizen’s Dividend.

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