Talk at TISS Mumbai on Aug 26

TISS Mumbai will host Rahul Basu from the Goenchi Mati Movement for a talk on Aug 26 on the Goenchi Mati Movement proposal. The talk is at 4pm at the Bhabha Hall, Academic Building 2, Naoroji Campus, TISS, Mumbai. This talk will focus more on the development aspects of the Goenchi Mati proposal.

The talk is titled “Beyond the Resource Curse: Resource dependence, inter-generational equity and governance”. The abstract is “Uncontrolled, large scale mining has raised some broader questions. Such as, who actually owns the minerals? Is it the owners or society? How does one control mining and distribute its profits to ensure better living conditions? How do we see to it that our natural resources are maintained for future, unborn generations? These are crucial questions with which we can begin to address the massive problems of mining amongst which is widespread corruption, mis-governance, crony capitalism and the violation of rights of adivasis and other subaltern populations. The presentation will show what the Goenchi Mati Movement in Goa is doing to address these issues.

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