Full series of articles

Catch our full series of articles here as we explain the mining issue in depth.

  1.  The shocking truth about the theft of Goa’s mineral wealth- how fair mining can take place,
  2. Goa’s inglorious past-The Great Mining Swindle- the astounding losses to our children from legal mining,
  3. Where did it all go wrong- the incredible damage to the environment, our health and our society caused by mining
  4. The Great Goan Mining Heist: Implications of the 2004 Supreme Court Judgement Ruling- the historic Supreme Court judgement and its implications.
  5. Mining has no moral backbone-  How important is mining to the Goan economy ?
  6. Goenchi Mati: Convert a curse to a blessing-  A Permanent Fund and Citizen’s Dividend solution
  7. Goa’s Smoking Gun: Ore Chor! 144- A strategy to recover the staggering losses.
  8. Mineral Exhaustion: A clear and present danger- Goa’s minerals decimated
  9. The Goenchi Mati Permanent Fund- ensuring Intergenerational Equity (IE) and Sustainable Development (SD)

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