New Paper on Goa’s mining

Intergenerational Equity Case Study: Iron-ore Mining in Goa is a new paper by our member, Rahul Basu. “The public trust doctrine makes natural resources a part of the commons, owned equally by all, and legally owned by the state. The resources and opportunities that the present generation have inherited must be available to future generations in perpetuity. In the Goa …

How everyone in the US can get $200 a month

Authors James Boyce and Peter Barnes discuss in a recent article how a universal income of $200 per month could be financed from fees charged for the commons. Peter Barnes is a long standing supporter of citizens dividends from the commons. #BasicIncome #CitizensDividend

Village cooperatives and basic income

Village cooperatives around the world seem to be getting to the idea of a basic income. Mendha-Lekha in India is a famous example of a village cooperative with their own Permanent Fund. Similarly, Alaska has a series of Native Regional and Village Cooperatives, many of which pay out an annual dividend, in addition to the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend. In China …

Universal Basic Share?

There is a growing movement away from a tax financed basic income towards a capital / economic share based basic income. The obvious reason is framing. Income flowing from capital or a share of the economy is based on ownership, not human rights. Yanis Varoufakis has an interesting structure for consideration. Brishen Rogers writes about how Basic Income is only a part of …

Capture economic rent and pay a Citizen’s dividend

Here’s a fascinating article in Evonomics about how the commons and economic rent generally can be captured by governments and redistributed through a dividend. Our ask for capturing the value of minerals (economic rent), saving it and distributing the income is merely a single case in what is possible. The cap-and-dividend proposal by Our Children’s Trust is also merely a single …

New Zealand’s Basic Income for those above 65

Gareth Morgan of Morgan Foundation points out that New Zealand has had a version of Universal Basic Income from the 1930s. He discusses how old age poverty is low, but child poverty is high by contrast. And how many of those getting the basic income volunteer a lot.

Movement for Black Lives see a Basic Income as a key solution

The Movement for Black Lives Matter has strongly endorsed Universal Basic Income. “No other social or economic policy solution today would be of sufficient scale to eradicate the profound and systematic economic inequities affecting black communities”.  A Citizen’s Dividend, simply by being more helpful to one who is poor or disadvantaged compared to the rich, is a progressive idea.

Citizen’s Dividend will increase our unity

Scott Santens quotes from a variety of studies of unconditional cash transfers to show that a Universal Basic Income increases social cohesion, and makes people happier. No better reason for a Citizen’s Dividend.

Announcing the Goenchi Mati Creatathon

Kokum, a design non-profit, is hosting a Creatathon for the Goenchi Mati campaign. We are thrilled! Its all day on sat&sun, 16&17 July, 2016, at the Design Center, Porvorim. There is also a talk on thursday 7th July, 2016 at 6:30pm the same venue introducing the idea and updating everyone on the current status. Be creative & have some fun if …

Basic income book list

Scott Santens is maintaining a long list of books on Basic Income.