New Zealand’s Basic Income for those above 65

Gareth Morgan of Morgan Foundation points out that New Zealand has had a version of Universal Basic Income from the 1930s. He discusses how old age poverty is low, but child poverty is high by contrast. And how many of those getting the basic income volunteer a lot.

Citizen’s Dividend will increase our unity

Scott Santens quotes from a variety of studies of unconditional cash transfers to show that a Universal Basic Income increases social cohesion, and makes people happier. No better reason for a Citizen’s Dividend.

Basic income book list

Scott Santens is maintaining a long list of books on Basic Income.

Swiss referendum & the UK

Indications are that the Swiss rejected the Basic Income referendum 4:1. Yet, this is not a defeat as Jim Pugh explains. Meanwhile, support for Basic Income is rising in the UK. The Green Party already had Basic Income in their general election manifesto. Heather Stewart reports in The Guardian that the Labour party is taking a look at this idea, with both John McDonnell, …

Roundup of Basic Income pilots conducted

Here’s a short list of pilots of Universal Basic Income. The pilot in India by UNICEF & SEWA in Madhya Pradesh is presently considered the best study. Watch the video, read the executive summary, the full report, or buy the book. Bolsa Familia in Brazil is a conditional cash transfer, but probably one of the largest. We should not forget Scott Santens, who has a …

March roundup on Basic Income

With the exploding interest in Basic Income, Scott Santens sends out his first monthly update. Scott is one of the more thoughtful writers on the subject. Interestingly, Scott has created his personal basic income (through Patreon), so that he can focus on advocating the idea.

India Network for Basic Income

We are proposing that the real income from the Goenchi Mati Permanent Fund be distributed equally to all as a right of ownership over the commons, a Citizen’s Dividend. The Citizen’s Dividend is actually a form of Unconditional Basic Income. A group of concerned citizens have formed the India Network for Basic Income, to examine all varieties of Basic Income. Like …

The AI case for a Universal Basic Income

Scott Santens warns that the recent victory of Google’s Deep Mind in the game of Go portends a very rapid automation of an overwhelming majority of jobs. For instance, “Amelia is just one AI out there currently being beta-tested in companies right now. Created by IPsoft over the past 16 years, she’s learned how to perform the work of call center employees. …

Gross National Happiness and poverty

Casey Ready muses about the link between our values, Gross National Happiness, poverty and the Mincome experiment (a Universal Basic Income experiment in Canada between 1974 & 1978). The image is from Bhutan.

Is Kazakhstan planning a UBI

The Kazakhstan government is banning smartphones within the government. The reason is the continuing leak of government information. Among the leaks is a presidential decree to the government ordering the ministers to analyze possibilities of introducing unconditional basic income. Unfortunately, there isn’t much more information available online in english. Kazakhstan set up the Natural Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2000 from …