How mining corrodes governance

Ramachandra Guha writes in The Telegraph about mining and governance. The Goenchi Mati proposal including zero-loss mining, save all into a Permanent Fund, and distribute real income as a Citizen’s Dividend is intended to reverse most of these ill effects. What do you think, will it work? How can we make it better?

Sub-national Resource Curse

The Natural Resource Governance Institute has published an interesting paper examining the evidence for the sub-national resource curse, and finds mixed results. The paper identifies six main mechanisms for the sub-national resource curse – “mismanagement and corruption, conflicts, local price distortions, shifts in employment away from agriculture and manufactures, socio-environmental damages and degradation, and, finally, migration of workers in the extractive sector. …

Collection of reports on Goa mining

We’ve collated a set of reports on mining in Goa. These include the reports from the SC appointed expert committee on intergenerational equity, monitoring committee for e-auctions, Shah commission, CEC, PAC, EAC of MoEF, CEE / Gadgil, ISM Dhanbad, ERC India, Regional plan 2021, WGEEP (Gadgil), HLWG (Kasturirangan), Karnataka Lokayukta, NCAER and more.