Calling all parties to protect our children’s inheritance

The Goenchi Mati Movement today releases its Manifesto for the Goa Assembly Elections 2017. The movement asks all political parties to include it in their manifestos. 

Today’s environmentalism

Dr. Madhav Gadgil writes a fascinating article in the Economic & Political Weekly (EPW) drawing extensively from his experience with the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP) and with mining in Goa. He recapitulates the horror experienced with mining in Goa, including the difficulties tribals have found in establishing a cooperative to undertake mining in their village.

The Great Goan Mining Heist: Implications of the 2014 Supreme Court Judgement Ruling

Over the last ten years mining losses have been variously reported and unsubstantiated estimates touted. In among all of this, one thing is certain: the trend is consistently upwards. Amounts have been quoted from Rs. 3,500 crores due to non-payment of royalty (PAC Report) to Rs. 35,000 crores due to mining outside lease areas (Shah Commission). However the latest official …

Mining in Goa: Where did it all go wrong?

Mining in Goa: The effects on our land, our waterways, our health and our economic futures Aside from our mineral assets being taken without our consent and redistributed to the wealthy few, what else went wrong with mining in Goa?

Goa’s Inglorious Past: The Great Mining Swindle

Zero loss mining and intergenerational equity A loss amounting to twice the cumulative state revenues was uncovered following an investigation into mining activities by Goa Foundation. This money represents the value of minerals mined and exported during the period 2004 to 2012 from Goa. The amount represents a Rs. 3.7 Lakhs loss of mineral assets for each and every Goan; …

Would you like Rs. 9,000 every year?

From the amount recoverable for the mining illegalities, Karan Bhagat estimates that Rs. 9,000 can be paid out each year to every man, woman and child in Goa as a Citizen’s Dividend. Would you like to receive such a Citizen’s Dividend?

Mining illegalities have recommenced

Mining in Goa came to a screeching halt in 2012 with the Shah Commission Report. One of the key findings was widespread illegalities. “It is pertinent to state here that such illegal act can’t happen without connivance of the politicians, bureaucrats and lessees. There is a complete collapse of the system.” It would seem that the industry hasn’t learnt. A number of illegalities have …

Announcing the Goenchi Mati Creatathon

Kokum, a design non-profit, is hosting a Creatathon for the Goenchi Mati campaign. We are thrilled! Its all day on sat&sun, 16&17 July, 2016, at the Design Center, Porvorim. There is also a talk on thursday 7th July, 2016 at 6:30pm the same venue introducing the idea and updating everyone on the current status. Be creative & have some fun if …

AAP : what about the lease renewals scam?

Arvind Kejriwal, AAP conveynor, recently mentioned in Goa that AAP will initiate action against those implicated by the Shah Commission in the mining scam. This is welcome. While many investigations have commenced, not one person has been convicted so far. We hope that Arvind Kejriwal will also raise the issue of the much larger Goa’s mining lease renewal scam, which …

Tracking mining trucks & barges

Since the Commonwealth games, Delhi has had an app, PoochhO, that allows the tracking of even nearby autorickshaws. Using GPS of course. We had recommended the implementation of a similar system of electronic tracking of mining trucks and barges to the Goa government and the center.  We had even predicted that miners would welcome the additonal control over their ore. …