Mining has no moral backbone

In 2012, mining leases in Goa had expired and mining activities halted. The Supreme Court had declared all mining, from 22-Nov-2007 illegal. Goa had a clean slate! A fresh start could be made in all aspects of mining and mining controls. Now the question is where to begin?

The Great Goan Mining Heist: Implications of the 2014 Supreme Court Judgement Ruling

Over the last ten years mining losses have been variously reported and unsubstantiated estimates touted. In among all of this, one thing is certain: the trend is consistently upwards. Amounts have been quoted from Rs. 3,500 crores due to non-payment of royalty (PAC Report) to Rs. 35,000 crores due to mining outside lease areas (Shah Commission). However the latest official …

Ore Chor 144 – Goenchi Mati Video

View Below | Download Video: Short 4min, Long 23min

Since our inception in 2014, the Goenchi Mati Movement has been fighting for ownership and safeguarding of Goa’s mineral assets for the Goan public. We are proud to launch our first video explaining what our movement is about.

Under the Constitution, the minerals of Goa belong to the people and the state government is merely a trustee of the minerals for the people and especially future generations. After the landmark Supreme Court judgement in the Goa mining case, all mining during 2007-2012 was declared illegal and during this period the people of Goa lost more than Rs. 65,000 crores from minerals.

In end 2014 – early 2015, the Goa government renewed 88 mining leases from which the people of Goa stand to lose an additional estimated Rs. 79,000 crores from minerals due to the balance period of the renewed leases.

Adding these amounts, we come to a staggering figure of Rs. 1,44,000 crores (OreChor144). This is the loss to the Goan public and Goan communities (nearly Rs.10 lakhs a person) from the renewal of the leases. More importantly, our children and future generations have lost Rs. 1,44,000 crores forever. What explanation can we give?

The Goenchi Mati Movement is fighting to stop this loot and recoup this massive loss for our future generations. We urge whichever Government is elected in 2017 to immediately cancel the leases and reframe a fair and just mining policy for the people of Goa. We request the Public to join our campaign, fight for what is rightfully theirs and urge them to vote for those politicians that will change the system.

Why a Citizen’s Dividend? Why only a Citizen’s Dividend?

We are often asked why we recommend only a Permanent Fund for investment / saving, and only a Citizen’s Dividend for distribution of income. Why not hand the money to the government, there are so many urgent needs? In an earlier post, we discussed why we insist that every paisa received from mining and minerals be deposited into the Permanent Fund.

Goa’s Inglorious Past: The Great Mining Swindle

Zero loss mining and intergenerational equity A loss amounting to twice the cumulative state revenues was uncovered following an investigation into mining activities by Goa Foundation. This money represents the value of minerals mined and exported during the period 2004 to 2012 from Goa. The amount represents a Rs. 3.7 Lakhs loss of mineral assets for each and every Goan; …

The shocking truth about the theft of Goa’s mineral wealth

The five principles of the Goenchi Mati Movement What would you say if you were told that each and every member of your family had been unceremoniously and consistently robbed over an eight-year period to the tune of Rupees 3.7 Lakhs? A theft of inherited wealth, passed down through the generations, now almost beyond recovery and the perpetrators yet to …

What do Goans want?

As mining recommences, Shweta Kamat writes in the Herald about the expectations of the mining companies (a higher cap, mining corridor, reducing or removing the levy for the permanent fund and a bigger transportation window). The truck owners want a higher transportation rate. But what do Goans want? Do we want more environmental damage? Do we want to lose more of our mineral …

The 5 points in the Herald today

Sarah McGinnis writes about our Goenchi Mati Movement in the Sunday Herald Review today. She also explains the five points at the core of our movement: Minerals are owned by the people & the state is only a trustee on behalf of the people and future generations Minerals are inherited assets and we are merely custodians for future generations If we …

CAG’s 2015 report on Goa mining

The CAG’s performance audit report on mining in Goa was recently released. Of the 88 leases renewed, only 3 leases were executed and registered by July 2015 (the last were renewed on 12-Jan-2015). Large errors were observed in the stamp duty amount collected in two cases. The stamp duty to be collected was Rs. 14.25 crores. Instead, only Rs. 9.75 crores …

Centre requiring auction of minor minerals in UP

PTI reports that the Centre has asked Uttar Pradesh to amend its rules for minor minerals to make it transparent and non-discriminatory – auctions in other words. This follows from the Supreme Court judgement in the Presidential Reference on allocation of natural resources. When will Goa follow suit?