Calling all parties to protect our children’s inheritance

The Goenchi Mati Movement today releases its Manifesto for the Goa Assembly Elections 2017. The movement asks all political parties to include it in their manifestos. 

Universal Basic Share?

There is a growing movement away from a tax financed basic income towards a capital / economic share based basic income. The obvious reason is framing. Income flowing from capital or a share of the economy is based on ownership, not human rights. Yanis Varoufakis has an interesting structure for consideration. Brishen Rogers writes about how Basic Income is only a part of …

Why a Citizen’s Dividend? Why only a Citizen’s Dividend?

We are often asked why we recommend only a Permanent Fund for investment / saving, and only a Citizen’s Dividend for distribution of income. Why not hand the money to the government, there are so many urgent needs? In an earlier post, we discussed why we insist that every paisa received from mining and minerals be deposited into the Permanent Fund.

The shocking truth about the theft of Goa’s mineral wealth

The five principles of the Goenchi Mati Movement What would you say if you were told that each and every member of your family had been unceremoniously and consistently robbed over an eight-year period to the tune of Rupees 3.7 Lakhs? A theft of inherited wealth, passed down through the generations, now almost beyond recovery and the perpetrators yet to …

The 5 points in the Herald today

Sarah McGinnis writes about our Goenchi Mati Movement in the Sunday Herald Review today. She also explains the five points at the core of our movement: Minerals are owned by the people & the state is only a trustee on behalf of the people and future generations Minerals are inherited assets and we are merely custodians for future generations If we …

Goa has a Permanent Fund, why doesn’t the UK?

Rahul Basu and Deepak Narayanan write at the Citizen’s Income Trust website about what the UK can learn from our Goenchi Mati Movement. The UK recovered around GBP 400 billion less that Norway from a similar amount of North Sea oil. A huge loss to the people, roughly GBP 6,000 a head. As UK starts fracking, instituting our principles of zero loss …

Would you like Rs. 9,000 every year?

From the amount recoverable for the mining illegalities, Karan Bhagat estimates that Rs. 9,000 can be paid out each year to every man, woman and child in Goa as a Citizen’s Dividend. Would you like to receive such a Citizen’s Dividend?

Capture economic rent and pay a Citizen’s dividend

Here’s a fascinating article in Evonomics about how the commons and economic rent generally can be captured by governments and redistributed through a dividend. Our ask for capturing the value of minerals (economic rent), saving it and distributing the income is merely a single case in what is possible. The cap-and-dividend proposal by Our Children’s Trust is also merely a single …

Movement for Black Lives see a Basic Income as a key solution

The Movement for Black Lives Matter has strongly endorsed Universal Basic Income. “No other social or economic policy solution today would be of sufficient scale to eradicate the profound and systematic economic inequities affecting black communities”.  A Citizen’s Dividend, simply by being more helpful to one who is poor or disadvantaged compared to the rich, is a progressive idea.

Citizen’s Dividend will increase our unity

Scott Santens quotes from a variety of studies of unconditional cash transfers to show that a Universal Basic Income increases social cohesion, and makes people happier. No better reason for a Citizen’s Dividend.