PRESS RELEASE: Goenchi Mati Movement supports all India petition by mm&P

GOA (11-Jan-2016): A petition was recently launched by mines, minerals & People (mm&P), “This is the future we need”. The petition points out that since minerals are a shared inheritance, it is our duty to protect it for all generations to enjoy. Provided we have done that, we may enjoy the fruit of our shared inheritance.

The mm&P petition asks all Chief Ministers, Lieutenant Governors of UTs and the Prime Minister to treat minerals as a shared inheritance, and implement zero loss mining, saving all receipts into Permanent Fund for the people, and to pay out a Citizen’s Dividend from the real income.
The Goenchi Mati Movement is pleased to endorse and support the mm&P petition. The Goenchi Mati Movement is advocating the same principles to be adopted by all political parties contesting the elections for the Goa Legislative Assembly. In the Goa mining case, the Supreme Court ruled that all mining during the period 22-Nov-2007 up to 10-Sep-2012 was 100% illegal. Goa Foundation estimates that Rs. 65,058 crores were recoverable on account of 5 years of illegal mining.

Instead of recovering this staggering amount, the BJP government renewed the leases to the same miners! As there were no auctions or other attempts to get the full value of the minerals, Goa Foundation estimated that there was a further loss of Rs. 79,836 crores. The mining companies again got another windfall. This must stop.

The Goenchi Mati Manifesto is available at It is available in English, with translations into Konkani (Devnagari, Romi), Marathi, Hindi.  It will soon be available in Kannada and Portuguese.

Show your support at Aamchi Mati Aamka Zai!
CONTACT: Roxanne Coutinho
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