Goa Citizen Groups

The Rally for Goa held on 26th Jan, 2017 heard and discussed the issues affecting the voters of Goa hailing from various parts of the State of Goa. A total of 55 organisations attended the rally, communicating their issues to the public and so did a large number of citizens who came out in support.The Rally was called to produce a People's Manifesto which highlights the serious issues in Goa prepared by these organisations forcing the candidates standing for elections to take notice. The status of political party manifestos is never certain, since most parties simply forget what they have promised in these documents and often even act contrary to the promises made. Hence this People's Manifesto was prepared and submitted to all political parties and candidates. It can be viewd here 

The Organisations are listed below 

Name of the Oraganisation                                                             Website
1. Aam Aadmi Aurat Against Gambling
2. Aami Fondekar (Ponda)                                                              http://aamifondekar.org
3. Adivasi Sanghatna Quepem
Amdai Villagers Committee
5. Anyay Rahit Zindagi                                                                    http://www.arzindia.org/
6. Bailancho Saad
7. Benaulim Residents and Consumer Forum
8. Betqui Candola Samvardhan Samiti
9. Cansaulim Villagers Action Committee
‚Äčand Cansaulim Arossim Cuelim Civic Consumer Forum‚Äč
10. Caurem Villagers Committee
11. Cavelossim Villagers Forum
12. Chhatrapati Sahu Maharaj Pratishtan
13. Chicalim Villagers Action Committee
14. Children's Rights Goa                                                                www.childrightsgoa.org/
15. Chimbel Monch
16. Circle Wallahs
17. Colamb Villagers Committee
18. Colva Civic and Consumer Forum
19. Disability Rights in Goa (DRAG)                                              http://www.disabilitygoa.org/
20. Eco treks                                                                                        http://ecotrekgoa.blogspot.in/
21. Environment, Culture and Heritage Organization Goa
22. Federation of Rainbow Warriors
23. Fisherfolk against MPT Dredging
24. Goa Heritage Action Group                                                    http://goaheritage.in/
25. Goa Bachao Abhiyan
26. Goa ForGiving                                                                            http://www.goaforgiving.org/
27. Goa Movement for Special Status
28. Goans for Dabolim Airport
29. Goans for Goa                                                                            http://www.goansforgoa.org/
30. Goenchi Mati Movement                                                        http://goenchimati.org/
31. Goencho Ramponkarancho Ekvott
32. Gomantak Bhandari Samaj
33. Indigenous Goans Front
34. Live Happy                                                                                 https://livehappygoa.blogspot.in/
35. Justice for Fr. Bismarque Movement
36. MARG
37. Mission Bypass, Sanvordem
38. Nirmal Vishwa
39. Nisarga
40. Peaceful Society                                                                     http://peacefulsociety.org/
41. Peace and Humanity Forum
42. Pilerne Citizens Forum
43. Quelossim Villagers Committee
44. Ribander Chimbel Rokhan Somiti
45. Save Tiracol
46. Save Western Ghats                                                             http://www.savethewesternghats.org/
47. St Anthony’s Tenants and Mundkar Association
48. Swades                                                                                     http://www.swadesfoundation.org/
49. The Goa Foundation                                                            http://www.goafoundation.org/
50. United for Mother Goa
51. United Goans Foundation
52. Video Volunteers                                                                  http://www.videovolunteers.org