Hema Malini & our land

Shailesh Gandhi makes important points in connection to the allocation of land in Maharashtra at a tiny fraction of the market value.

“Property belonging to the State belongs to all citizens. All Indians pay taxes directly or indirectly. The rich often think since they pay more, they have greater rights. It is often forgotten that the real estate and lands of the State belong to all citizens equally. Many of those in power have helped themselves to government owned property by using subterfuges like setting schools, colleges, hospitals, culture, even clubs. Civil society believes this is illegitimate enrichment and hence it objects to this transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich. Such transfers are legitimized by devices like rules, quotas, government resolutions and circulars. Many of these violate Article 14 of the constitution, but who will implement this fundamental right?”

“Land is the wealth of the State and can fetch inflation-proof revenue. By allowing our lands to be given away we are ensuring a transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich. We are depriving our future generations from their open spaces and wealth. This is unethical, immoral and in contravention of article 14 of our constitution. All discretionary powers to those in power allowing them to give lands at subsidized rates must end. … citizens must oppose this transaction and take steps to stop this pernicious practice. There is considerable revenue available from the lands of our State. Let us tap this and banish poverty.”