Calling Goans to ask their candidates to sign our pledge

At the Goenche Mogi Citizens’ Meet, the people of Goa took the Goenchi Mati pledge in English and Konkani. We now call upon all Goans to visit their candidates and ask them to take the Goenchi Mati Pledge & whatsapp the recording. The contact information of all the candidates taken from their election affidavits is given in this Google Document.

I pledge to the people and future generations of Goa that I will actively support, promote and vote for the implementation of the Goenchi Mati Manifesto, and that I will oppose and vote against any and all attempts to cheat you of your mineral inheritance or the income from it.

Video record the response, and whatsapp it to us at 800 76 36 466.

The Goenchi Mati Manifesto (available in English, Nagri & Romi Konkani, Marathi, HIndi, Portuguese and Kannada). You could give it to them, or read it out aloud.


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