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What is the Ore Chor! 144 Campaign?

We are fighting for the rights of the people and the future generations of Goa. The legal mining system is deeply flawed. Minerals are being depleted rapidly. What will be left for our children and their children. Instead, we propose the state do what we do at home – if we sell our family gold, we purchase something else that can be passed on intact, like land, and only after we maintain its productivity are we allowed to enjoy the fruit. Just as our children can when they inherit the land. In practice, we must ensure no loss at the time of selling our minerals (mining), and save every paisa in a new inheritable asset.

This IS the root cause

Mining was one of the larger sectors of the Goan economy, although it has never exceeded 7.5% of GSDP. It has provided employment and to a lesser extent, has provided funds to the state government. However, mining is also Goa’s largest environmental and social problem. It has destroyed our fields, khazans and rivers, our source of fish curry & rice. It has damaged the lungs of lakhs living in the mining belt and been responsible for numerous deaths as well.

Mining is the single largest source of corruption in Goa, and it is the root cause of the poor governance in Goa. The Supreme Court itself ruled that the last five years of mining before the ban was fully illegal! 100% illegal. Separately, there have been numerous other reports on illegalities in mining, including (a) the PAC Report, (b) Shah Commission Report 1&2, (c) CEC Report, (d) EAC Report to MoEFCC, (e) CEE/Gadgil report on EIAs, (f) Shah Commission Report 3 (g) Report by 17 CAs. Investigations are also underway by the SIT, Lokayukta and the Enforcement Directorate.

Goa Foundation estimates that the system of mining leases has resulted in the loss of over 95% of the value of our minerals. And even the trifle that was received was spent, not saved for future generations. The total loss was enormous: nearly twice the state revenues, or over 25% of per capita income, or thrice the poverty line. The loss was effectively a per head tax equally on everyone. A few have become rich from our children’s inheritance. It mocks us and our Constitution. Is this socialism or equality? Is this ethical or just? Is this right or fair?

The BJP government was given a golden opportunity to solve the mining issue. Ore and dumps worth over Rs. 10,000 crores became the property of the state. The estimated amount recoverable on account of illegal mining exceeded Rs. 65,000 crores. There were no valid mining leases, allowing a complete redesign of the system. However, the government renewed 88 leases. Many were renewed in the week between the cabinet approval and the promulgation of the ordinance (which no longer permits renewals). Unlike in Odisha, the Goa renewals were back dated as well, giving up our claim. And since it is on the old system of 95% losses, it is estimated that a further loss of Rs. 79,000 crores will ensue. Rs. 144,000 crores, nearly Rs. 10 lakhs a person.

This must be stopped.

Our Demands

This document contains our demands. It is written for political parties to copy-paste into their manifesto.

Implementation plan

  1. Everyone in the state of Goa must know about this loss, and our proposal
  2. The people must only vote for politicians who will implement this proposal
  3. Politicians and political parties must pledge to implement this proposal
  4. The people must hold the politicians accountable to the pledge

The elections are likely in February 2017.

How you can get involved?

Get informed, sign our pledge.

Print and distribute our proposal. Share our social media content. Host a talk in your community. We need thousands of people to be pressuring their officials.

Talk to neighbours, family, friends, in the office. Get them to record their views and sign the pledge

Get your politicians, election candidates and political parties to pledge to implement the proposal

We have a list of all kinds of tasks, from standing in front of the airport with a placard, distributing copies of our proposal, speaking to people, designing collateral, getting people to sign the pledge and endorse our proposal.

Donate money.

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