New Paper on Goa’s mining

Intergenerational Equity Case Study: Iron-ore Mining in Goa is a new paper by our member, Rahul Basu. “The public trust doctrine makes natural resources a part of the commons, owned equally by all, and legally owned by the state. The resources and opportunities that the present generation have inherited must be available to future generations in perpetuity. In the Goa …

Video explanation of our movement

We have created a youtube playlist to explain our movement. Here’s the list of videos: The five principles of mining (4:22) Frequently asked questions on the 5 principles (12:57) What we expect if we implement the 5 principles (6:23) How deviations from the 5 principles attract the Resource Curse (5:16) How the legal mining system is looting the people (13:19) How the Congress and BJP have stabbed Goans …

Protecting our shared inheritance

The elections are over. After much thinking, many complex issues have been condensed into a single vote. Mining is one such issue which few people are impacted by or care to understand. Everyone knows deep inside that something is wrong, but what is it and how do we solve it?

Basic Income News: Goenchi Mati Movement gains political support

Genevieve Shanahan from BIEN writes about the Goenchi Mati Movement and the political support it gathered before the run-up to the Goa Assembly Elections that took place on 4 February, 2017.

Intergenerational Equity Case Study: Iron-ore Mining in Goa

In an ongoing public interest litigation (PIL) around iron-ore mining in Goa, the Supreme Court is examining how to implement the intergenerational equity, that is, the principle that future generations must inherit at least as much as the present inherited. The petitioner, the Goa Foundation, an environmental non-profit organisation, is advocating a comprehensive framework for intergenerational equity.

Goa Citizens’ Manifesto 2017 gets support from candidates

GOA (2-Feb-2017):  At the Goenche Mogi Citizens Meeting in Panaji on Republic Day, fifty five organisations and civil society groups from across Goa came together to voice their priorities and issues for the Assembly Elections on 4thFebruary.  Their issues were heard, discussed, and compiled into a Citizens’ Manifesto, that is intended to guide voters and to pressure candidates standing for election to make their stance …

Curse hits deviants

The Resource Curse applies to whom? Those who deviate from the 5 principles of the Goenchi Mati Movement. Here’s a short video explanation. Ask more questions or clarifications in the comments.

How mining loots the people

Here’s a short explanatory video on how the legal mining system resulted in the people receiving less than 5% of the value of the minerals that are theirs! Each person, however rich or poor, lost Rs. 3.7 lakhs over eight years. And forty families became rich. Can this be right? Also watch this explanatory animation on the same topic.

Support the Goenchi Mati Manifesto

Here’s a short appeal to support the Goenchi Mati Manifesto. Our core ideas are in the Economic Survey 2016-17 of the Government of India. Do share widely.

GMM & the Indian National Congress

Claude Alvares of the Goenchi Mati Movement met Digvijay Singh of the Indian National Congress met earlier today. Claude Alvares handed over the Goa Citizens’ Manifesto 2017 as well as the Goenchi Mati Manifesto. Here’s a short video from the meeting.