Goenchi Mati inputs used in the Economic Survey

The Economic Survey of India 2016-17 discusses permanent funds in the context of the Goenchi Mati Movement. It also acknowledges the input of our member, Rahul Basu. 

Calling Goans to ask their candidates to sign our pledge

At the Goenche Mogi Citizens’ Meet, the people of Goa took the Goenchi Mati pledge in English and Konkani. We now call upon all Goans to visit their candidates and ask them to take the Goenchi Mati Pledge & whatsapp the recording. The contact information of all the candidates taken from their election affidavits is given in this Google Document. “I pledge to the people and …

Manifesto now in 7 languages / scripts

We are proud to announce that we now have the Goenchi Mati Manifesto in 7 versions. Download them here: English | Konkani-Nagri | Konkani-Romi | Marathi | Hindi | Portuguese | Kannada We’d be happy if it is translated into more languages, or if differently accessible versions (audio for example) are created. Get in touch.  

Ore Chor! 144

Ore Chor! 144: The Goenchi Mati Movement details how renewal of mining, under present conditions,  guarantees enormous losses – a total of 144,000 Crores!!! See easy-explainer below >> To control the slides manually hit ‘pause’ and use arrow keys. Best viewed in fullscreen.

PRESS RELEASE: Goenchi Mati Movement announces support from GSRP & AAP

GOA (17-Jan-2016): The Goenchi Mati Movement (GMM) welcomes the support and endorsement by the Go Su-Raj Party (GSRP) and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for the Goenchi Mati Manifesto, which rests on the fundamental principle that the minerals belong to the people, our children and future generations of Goa. The support from GSRP and AAP symbolizes courageous commitment to be responsible custodians …

Goenkarponn – The Goa Song!

“Goenkarponn… the Goa Song” is today ready for release, and has got together over 40 committed singers and musicians who have brought forth a fabulous single that is set to inspire Goans across the world. The song relates to the aspiration of millions of Goans worldwide, that of saving the land that is so dear to our hearts. It gives …

Permanent Fund Defenders

The Alaska Permanent Fund and Dividend is under threat again from the politicians. Alaska only deposits 25% of their money from oil into the Permanent Fund. The balance 75% is the largest funding source for the budget. The commodity boom resulted in a large increase in the budget. Expenditure increased with a lag from less than $3 bn in 2005 to …

PRESS RELEASE : British MP and Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer meets Goenchi Mati Movement (Goa)

GOA (12-Jan-2017): Many voters of his constituency originally hailing from Goa had contacted Mr. John McDonnell, British MP and Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, to study and consider exciting proposals emanating from Goa, India, which deal with the conservation of natural resources in the interest of future generations, respecting the principle of intergenerational equity.

PRESS RELEASE: Goenchi Mati Movement supports all India petition by mm&P

GOA (11-Jan-2016): A petition was recently launched by mines, minerals & People (mm&P), “This is the future we need”. The petition points out that since minerals are a shared inheritance, it is our duty to protect it for all generations to enjoy. Provided we have done that, we may enjoy the fruit of our shared inheritance.

The Navajo Permanent Fund

The Navajo people have established a Permanent Trust Fund under Navajo Tribal Law. Here’s a short history of the Navaho Permanent Trust Fund. In 2014, the Navajo Nation won $554 million in a settlement with the US government over mismanagement of their natural resources. We have already reported on Mendha-Lekha and the Alaska Native and Regional Cooperatives. Will other indigenous peoples set up …