Goenchi Mati: Convert a curse to a blessing

Stakes were high; iron ore was in demand; prices soared; mining and corruption became inseparable bedfellows and the mighty roar of trucks overtook the window pane oyster as the ubiquitous symbol of Goan life. Damning reports by the Shah commission, followed by the 2014 Supreme Court judgment exposed a dark web of corruption involving politicians, officials, administrators and mining regulators.

Village cooperatives and basic income

Village cooperatives around the world seem to be getting to the idea of a basic income. Mendha-Lekha in India is a famous example of a village cooperative with their own Permanent Fund. Similarly, Alaska has a series of Native Regional and Village Cooperatives, many of which pay out an annual dividend, in addition to the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend. In China …

Mining has no moral backbone

In 2012, mining leases in Goa had expired and mining activities halted. The Supreme Court had declared all mining, from 22-Nov-2007 illegal. Goa had a clean slate! A fresh start could be made in all aspects of mining and mining controls. Now the question is where to begin?

Universal Basic Share?

There is a growing movement away from a tax financed basic income towards a capital / economic share based basic income. The obvious reason is framing. Income flowing from capital or a share of the economy is based on ownership, not human rights. Yanis Varoufakis has an interesting structure for consideration. Brishen Rogers writes about how Basic Income is only a part of …

Goa Mining : Still in the pits

  Against claims made by Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar that 40 to 45 iron ore mining leases may commence operations this season, mining companies appear to be hesitant to resume operations owing to various factors like ore production cap, taxation, slag market value, reduction of the seven-month season to four months making the business unfeasible. The mining industry must also …