New Zealand’s Basic Income for those above 65

Gareth Morgan of Morgan Foundation points out that New Zealand has had a version of Universal Basic Income from the 1930s. He discusses how old age poverty is low, but child poverty is high by contrast. And how many of those getting the basic income volunteer a lot.

Seed money for the All India Permanent Fund?

The CAG reports that some Rs. 9,307 crores is recoverable from Reliance on account of the KG basin operations. As the block is offshore, the minerals are owned by all the people of India. Our share is Rs. 74 each. But we must stop cheating our children and future generations. Let’s use this money to start off the All India Permanent Fund. Would anyone …

Movement for Black Lives see a Basic Income as a key solution

The Movement for Black Lives Matter has strongly endorsed Universal Basic Income. “No other social or economic policy solution today would be of sufficient scale to eradicate the profound and systematic economic inequities affecting black communities”.  A Citizen’s Dividend, simply by being more helpful to one who is poor or disadvantaged compared to the rich, is a progressive idea.

Citizen’s Dividend will increase our unity

Scott Santens quotes from a variety of studies of unconditional cash transfers to show that a Universal Basic Income increases social cohesion, and makes people happier. No better reason for a Citizen’s Dividend.

What is the Goa CM hiding?

The Goa CM, Laxmikant Parsekar, refused to provide details of iron ore exports in the Goa assembly yesterday, despite collecting the information. Team Herald reports.

Gujarat model of public sector mining

Public sector mining is one way to achieve Zero Loss mining. The Goa government should take a leaf from Gujarat and reserve the state from public sector mining.

Why are we in the dumps?

Dumps are a huge hidden store of value, a good starting corpus for the Permanent Fund