Namibia moves forward with its Basic Income Grant

Namibia has been running a Basic Income Grant pilot since 2008. The Namibian reports that the Cabinet will examine a proposal for a Basic Income Grant nationwide by 2025, quoting Namibia’s Minister for Poverty Alleviation, and Social Welfare, Zephania Kameeta.

Quebec, Canada tasks Minister with examining Guaranteed Minimum Income

BIEN has a great article by Stanislas Jourdan. The minister concerned has written a book on basic income, so he is likely to push for it. However, it may go in the direction of replacing social benefits.

Hema Malini & our land

Shailesh Gandhi makes important points in connection to the allocation of land in Maharashtra at a tiny fraction of the market value. “Property belonging to the State belongs to all citizens. All Indians pay taxes directly or indirectly. The rich often think since they pay more, they have greater rights. It is often forgotten that the real estate and lands of …

Are children are obviously worse off

Minerals are only one part of Intergenerational Equity. Jean Pisani makes a persuasive argument that we are making our children worse off.

Permanent Fund proposal submitted to Goa Government

GF letter to Goa Govt & CEC on GMPF & DMF (5.2 MB) In the 2012 Goa mining case (WP 435 of 2012), the Supreme Court had ordered the setting up of a Goa Iron Ore Permanent Fund on grounds of Intergenerational Equity and Sustainable Development. The Goa Government was tasked with formulating the scheme for the Permanent Fund in consultation …

Scotland …

Reform Scotland, a think tank in Scotland has proposed a Universal Basic Income. Andrew Whittaker has a nice article in The Scotsman