Different perspectives

A feminist perspective on Universal Basic Income. A look at the future and why Universal Basic Income will be necessary. A look at inequality and the issues it creates, and how Universal Basic Income can help.

Iceland …

Iceland has proposed to distribute proceeds from the sale of one of their banks to all their citizens. Equality & freedom. Read more at http://www.ewao.com/a/first-they-jailed-the-bankers-now-every-icelander-to-get-paid-in-bank-sale/

Citizen’s Dividend could reduce migration

This article in Down To Earth talks about abandoned villages in Uttarakhand. The experience with the dividend in Alaska was that rural urban migration reduced. However, there was greater expense on providing adequate quality public services on remote places.

UBI Petition to the US Presidential Election candidates

Basic Income Action has created an online petition to the US Presidential candidates asking them to support UBI. You can sign the petition here.