UK: Green MP Pushes for Parliament Debate on Basic Income

For the first time, the UK Parliament may debate a  Basic Income. You would expect Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell to support this.

Jacobin on Basic Income

The Jacobin magazine has a number of articles about Basic Income. The Right to a Dignified Life by Jesse A. Myerson and The Wrong Kind of UBI by Shannon Ikebe have useful discussions on the appropriate design of the Universal Basic Income. In particular, they argue that the UBI is not a substitute to other social programmes such as disability benefits, free …

A few reports on UBI

Here are a few reports on UBI. A Retrospective on the Negative Income Tax experiments by Karl Widerquist looks at four experiments conducted in the US in the early 1970s. The Town with No Poverty by Evelyn L Forget of the University of Manitoba, Canada re-examines the data from the Mincome experiment conducted in the town of Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada Creative Citizen, …

Inequality, power & capitalism

A new book by Anthony Atkinson, Inequality, What Can Be Done? links the growing inequality worldwide to changes in power structures. Here’s a good review by Robert Kuttner in The American Prospect.

“Ham and Eggs” in California

Joe Matthews in the Sacramento Bee explains how the idea of a Universal Basic Income has been actively discussed in California.

CSE on Goa’s District Mineral Foundation

The Center for Science and Environment has issued a scathing critique of the DMF rules issued by the Goa Government. “The draft Rules were kept in the public domain for exactly four days before being finalized.” “A review by CSE shows that the Rules remain problematic in key aspects that are critical for effective functioning of DMF. “The Rules will …

Iron ore mining in Goa

The Navhind Times carried a couple of interesting articles by Dr. Nandkumar Kamat titled “How Goa missed the bus in iron ore exports”. His articles show clearly how Goa lost out during the mining stoppage. This new article titled “Mining of past 8 years was a total loss for our future generations” published by Navhind elaborates on Dr. Kamat’s articles. You can …

The feminist case again

Jack Smith IV has a nice derivative article on the feminist case on

Natural resources governance MOOC starts soon

Starts Feb 1. Do sign up. Encourage you to join as well. “The United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, in partnership with the Natural Resource Governance Institute, the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, and the World Bank have assembled a world class faculty to present a free Massive Open Online Course on Natural Resources for Sustainable Development.”

Conservatives and Liberals

An interesting article on Basic Income News by Timothy Roscoe Carter discusses what it would take liberals to push for Universal Basic Income.